BGM 2019 Workshop Papers

Below are papers presented at the 2019 BGM Conference with the theme Nationalism OR Globalization: Wither the Nigerian Economy 

Collaboration Among Industry Stakeholders for Construction Industry by J. Segun Ajelekoko

Regulatory Framework in a Globalised Market Place by Murtala Aliyu

Institutions Building for Construction Industry Development In Nigeria by Adewumi Akinpelu

Internationalisation of Professional Services in Nigeria – Aminu M. Bashir

Interdependence of Nationalism and Globalisation in the Nigerian Economy – Implications for the Built Environment by Olubola Babalola

Process and Industrial Developments Limited Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria Arbitration Award –  Matters Arising by Ifeanyi Anago

Unbalancing the Balance for Nigeria’s Economic Development – Construction Industry in Focus by Ademola Ojo

Technology, Globalisation & Future Of Work by Rotimi Ojelade

Capacity development  – a Tool for national Development by Ifeanyi Agugoesi

Blockchain and the future of the construction industry by Deji Soetan

AI & the Quantity Surveyor by Moses Itanola

African Continental Free Trade Area by Nazifi Darma

Impact of globalization on underdeveloped countries by Ola Garuba