The following courses are being taken in each stage of Institute's Professional Examination:



The prospective applicants who must be a Probationer Member of the Institute and should have at least HND in Quantity Surveying from accredited Polytechnics/College of Technology and a Technician Member of the Institute

  • Project Management/Information Technology
  • Project Cost Control
  • Construction Technology
  • Law
  • Measurement (Building Works and Services)
  • Graduateship Examination Form (GDE-Full Candidate) Download
  • Graduateship Examination Form (GDE - Referral Candidate) Download



The prospective candidate who must be a Probationer Member of the Institute and must have Bachelors degree (Quantity Surveying) from an accredited University or must have passed the Graduateship Examination of the Institute. In addition, the candidates must have minimum of three years working experience after NYSC Service year. TAKEN:

  • Project management
  • Construction Technology
  • Professional Practice and Procedure
  • Measurement (Building Works and Services)
  • Measurement (Civil and Heavy Engineering)
  • Test of Professional Competence Form (TPC - Full Candidate) Download
  • Test of Professional Competence Form (TPC - Referral Candidate) Download


  1. The purpose of this exercise is to enable candidates’ present analysis of their professional experience in a chronological order based on entries in their Diaries, which will assist the assessors to determine if their professional experience is adequate and properly balanced. It will also provide an easy reference to any particular aspect of the training as set out in the diary.
  2. Diaries and Log Books are to be collected from the Institute as soon as the candidate is eligible for Test of Professional Competence. Submissions are to be made annually in the month of January for the preceding year. Assessment would be carried out in February while the results are expected to be released in March, both of the same year submission. Corrections and observations made by the assessors are expected to be reflected in the following stage(s) of the submission made by the candidate. Only candidates who passed stage 3 would be qualified to sit for the Test of Professional Competence Interview.
  3. The Log book comprises Analysis of Diary Sheets covering a total of thirty-six months. On receipt of the Log Book, every candidate is required to complete all the details specified on the cover and all other pages.
  4. Log Book must be submitted to the Institute along with the Diaries in three (3) stages of twelve (12) months each for assessment. Before sending the Log book for assessment, the onus is on the candidate to carefully and properly fill both documents. The details of the entries would be defended by the candidates at the end of each stage.
  5. During the thirty-six (36) months period of training, the candidate is expected to be attached to a professionally qualified Quantity Surveyor who for the purposes of this exercise shall be the supervisor. Upon acceptance to be a supervisor, the Supervisor will write the Institute signifying his/her acceptance and willingness to supervise the candidate. The Supervisor is expected to monitor the activities of the candidate within the period and offer advice and corrections where necessary.
  6. The information entered in the analysis sheet must be extracted from the Diary at the end of each week. The days spent on each activity (stated in the days in the Diary) in each week must be summed up and entered into the appropriate space (cell) corresponding with the activity and the week in the analysis sheet.
  7. On completion of each stage of 12 months, the time (in days) spent on each activity as reflected in the Diary and transferred to the analysis sheet of the Log Book must be totalled both horizontally and vertically.
  8. While the vertical summary shows the total days spent on all activities per week, the horizontal summary shows the number of days spent on each activity throughout the duration of the practical experience.
  9. Log books must be signed at least once every three (3) months by the candidates and the supervisor.
  10. Each construction project undertaken or any other work carried out by the candidate or mentioned in the Diary shall be clearly described giving the project title, with brief description, location and at least name of one project team member with contact details (clients, consultants, and contractor).
  11. Report Writing: At the end of each stage of twelve (12) months, the candidate is expected to write and submit a brief but articulate report of works undertaken in about three pages or 900 words. The report should have a clear introduction, summary of the works executed, lessons learnt and a conclusion. An electronic copy of the report would be submitted along with a hard copy for purpose of defence.
  12. Oral Defence: At the end of each stage of the project work, the submissions by the candidates are to be defended before a panel of assessors. The candidate is expected to explain the works undertaken and the experiences acquired.


  • Quantity Surveying Consultancy Services under a full member of not less than 5 years post election experience.
  • Government Departments, Local Authorities, Nationalised Industries, Statutory bodies and the like.
  • Contractors.
  • Other Commercial undertakings.


The prospective candidates must have passed the written segment of Test of Professional Competence (TPC) and Professional Work Experience (PWE) as contained in the diaries and Log book covering a period of thirty-six months.

The following examination application forms can be downloaded on the website:

  • Professional Competence Interview Form (PCI - Candidates) Download

Eligibility requirements for the respective interviews:

  1. Experienced Professionals

    1.1 Candidates shall be persons with a minimum of 15 years of relevant work experience, 10 years of which must have been at senior managerial level.
    1.2 Candidates must possess a Degree/HND in Quantity Surveying or in a relevant/allied subject.

    Experienced Professional Route for Test of Professional Competence Interview Form (TPCI - Candidates) Download

  2. Logbook Make-Up

    This is for candidates without records of logbook assessment who:
    2.1 Must have passed their TPC examinations/Professional Competence Interview on/or before 2012 and with not less than 5 years post-graduation experience.
    2.2 Must have had subject referrals in maximum of two papers on or before year 2012 but who passed such subject referrals in 2013 and 2014. This category must have a minimum of 10 years post-graduation experience.

    Professional Competence Interview/Log Book Make Up Download

Note: Those under category 2.2 may have to take their interview early next year, if not interviewed this year.
Interviews will hold in Abuja and Lagos